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Commercial Inspections

Deciding on a commercial property inspection is crucial when it comes to saving money and making a great investment. Whether you’re a building owner, property manager, leasing agent, lender or tenant, a commercial inspection can provide a thorough and accurate assessment of your building and assist you in making the best decision for you. To maximize your investment, minimize risk and secure the most lucrative loan package, contact Onega & Sons Inspection Services. With our diverse skill set and comprehensive training, Onega & Sons commercial inspectors can help you identify the good and the bad of any commercial building.

Commercial Inspections: What Makes Them Essential

Fully understand the condition of a commercial property and the costs required to repair it.

Discover minor and major issues with a property with ample time to research best contractors and prices.

Receive important information needed to enter into transaction negotiations with confidence.  

Gain insight predicting the extent of future investments in repairs and maintenance.

Price your property accurately by using provided inspection reports.

Concrete Wall Building
Modern Building

Purchase Your Commercial Property with Confidence

When it’s time to buy or sell your commercial property, an inspection from Onega & Sons Inspection Services alerts you to issues so you can feel protected in your investment. Start today and request a commercial property inspection.


Request an Inspection

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The Inspection

Your Home Inspector from Onega & Sons Inspection Services examines the major systems of your property and additional services specified in your booking.

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